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Brand of Game24hours

  Retro Gaming A lot of people young or older people a like love the older games such as like  Super Mario or Sonic little Red Devil among more games for why this firm decided to do articles covering some of the great games from the past or some  modern games to give them the chance to  build more fans of the games so maybe some can get remade in some cases or be more attractive to newer games a like here.  The costs of classic games range form very cheap to expensive if you buy them on say Ebay or other shops resulting in more and more games being owned by sellers instead of the actual collectors or games which does annoy some people but  with the emulation becoming more and more popular that should stop older games being sold for to much money in some cases Secret of mana  is probably best RPG game made for the 16 bit time period which many good parts such as being able to fly dragons or good fighting using say swords or spears or whips or bow and arrow a

Coca cola as a Brand

  Best Soft drink brand A key part of why this brand or company did so well is they market in a way to make it seem like it's your friend suggesting you drink it or relatable to people from all background in the world from Americans,Europeans,Asians or Africans by changing how things are done for each country often. The Christmas adverts The Christmas adverts or seeing jolly Santa man is something popular in most Western countries for why how this firm done the marketing is both powerful from Christmas or Christian viewpoint and I think a lot of kids or adults a like love this style of marketing it's so good you would buy the product without even thinking it was marketing or business brand more like a member of the family. The  firm has a good reputation all around the world which is done to very high quality ads which are done bit different in most countrys around the world changing it to suit each country