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What is a brand and how do you make it distinct?

Brand Texture™ – making the intangible, tangible.

We all get an instinctive feeling about someone when we meet them for the first time, from the way they look to the way they laugh. Do they feel; fun, confident, truthful or dynamic? These impressions build and build over time to form their identity and we decide either to like them for it or not. It's the same with organisations. An organisation is a mixture of tangible assets (such as product features) and intangible assets (things we can't put our finger on but never the less inform our opinion like the words they use). If people are to believe what you say, you need to make the intangible, tangible. Get that right and people will want to – work for, buy from, invest in and support you.

Brand Texture

We call this feeling your Brand Texture. It's what makes you distinct and what you say believable, and we're experts in creating and communicating this to a wide variety of stakeholders. Four elements make up your Brand Texture™:

  • Big Idea
  • Brand Story
  • Visual Language
  • User Experience

Telling your story beautifully

Stories themselves are the most powerful way to communicate. They express truths about an organisation in a way far more compelling and memorable than any other form of communication.

Three reasons to communicate your story:


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Inside every organisation is a story waiting to be told. From what makes you different to why people should invest in your future. If people understand, are aligned and believe that story, value is accrued across your entire organisation.


Stories will help you:

  • Share ideas and enlighten people
  • Make discoveries
  • Avoid cliched corporate language
  • Catch emerging trends
  • Make decisions
  • Get new ideas
  • Resolve conflicts

"The session was more than useful, it has re-energised and focused the team beyond all belief. Thank you."

Rosanne Sayers
Refresh Consulting
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