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A lot of people young or older people a like love the older games such as like  Super Mario or Sonic little Red Devil among more games for why this firm decided to do articles covering some of the great games from the past or some  modern games to give them the chance to  build more fans of the games so maybe some can get remade in some cases or be more attractive to newer games a like here. The costs of classic games range form very cheap to expensive if you buy them on say Ebay or other shops resulting in more and more games being owned by sellers instead of the actual collectors or games which does annoy some people but  with the emulation becoming more and more popular that should stop older games being sold for to much money in some cases

Secret of mana is probably best RPG game made for the 16 bit time period which many good parts such as being able to fly dragons or good fighting using say swords or spears or whips or bow and arrow among other tool weapons which give you different possible fight style and also magic can prove very useful when you first get it then the attack power gets less important since it now goes back to physical fighting but healing is important spells to get to max level here.  Coca Cola


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